Pakistan implementing sustainable Land Management Programme to combat desertification: Mushahidullah Khan

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 11 (APP): Federal Minister for Climate Change
Senator Mushahidullah Khan is representing Pakistan at Conference of
Parties session 13 to Combat Desertification in China.
He highlighted while addressing to high-level segment of conference that Pakistan is severely affected by land desertification and degradation like many other countries, received a press release here Monday.
About 80 percent area of the country is arid or semi arid and
is prone to land degradation. He further said two third of its human
population depends on these dry lands for their livelihood.
He also said that the country has a fast growing population of
210 millions people.
Most of the rural population survives on the fragile rain fed
lands prone to desertification. Pakistan recognizes the seriousness
problem of land degradation and desertification and has developed
its national action programme to fight the problem.
The government of Pakistan is implementing Sustainable Land
Management Programme to combat desertification in collaboration with
the provincial government.
This programme, he said was jointly funded by Global
Environment Facility, United Nations Development Program and
Government of Pakistan.
The session was started on September 6 and will end on
September 16, 2017. The Convention, the only convention stemming
from a direct recommendation of the Rio Conference’s Agenda 21, was
adopted in Paris, France on June 17,1994 and entered into force in
December 1996.