Opposition should give positive suggestions rather than criticizing gov: Rana Tanveer


ISLAMABAD, June 5 (APP): Minister for Defence Production
Rana Tanveer Hussain while criticizing Leader of Opposition
Syed Khurshid Shah for making it a habit to deliver a speech
and then walk out of the house, said such practice should be
He urged the opposition leader and opposition parties to
attend the house and play their effective role by giving
positive proposals for improving the budget.
The government had been accepting the proposals with an
open heart to improve the national document, he added.
The minister said it was not a democratic tradition to deliver
a speech and then walk out of the house, particularly for a person,
who had been raising questions about the budget.
He said last year the government had accommodated about
80 percent of the proposals forwarded by the Senate for incorporation
in the budget document.
He said that the electricity generation witnessed record 19,000
megawatt and loadshedding had reduced. He, however, made it clear that
if the opposition wanted the government to provide electricity to
the thieves, it would not be allowed.
Rana Tanveer said people were witnessing progress and development
being made during the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government
with better transparency and accountability than the regime of
Pakistan Peoples Party.
Referring to Nehal Hashmi’s statemet, he said sometimes political
workers got emotional and give such statements, which should not be
used for politicking. The people were well aware of PPP’s ‘ties’
with the judiciary, particularly during the period of Asif
Ali Zardari, he added.

Taking part in the budget discussion, Justice (R) Iftikhar Cheema
said hefty amount had been allocated for Benazir Income Support Programme
to support the poor.
He said despite international and external problems, the government
had announced 10 per cent raise in salary and pension of the government
empolyees, which though should have been at least 20 per cent.
He appreciated various incentives announced in the budget for
farmers, as the same would help improve their life standard.
Cheema said billions of rupees had been allocated for development
projects. The government had launched many power projects which would
help end load-shedding next year.
He called for taking immediate steps for implementing an interest
free economic system in the country, besides bringing reforms in the judicial system.
Dr Sherzra Mansab Ali Khan appreciated the government and the finance
minister for presenting the 5th consecutive budget, which, she said, was
balanced one based on ground realities.
She said fiscal deficit had been bridged while inflation had
been brought to only 4 per cent.
She said 40 per cent more allocation was made for development projects
this year, which was appreciable.
She suggested a special fund should be allocated for diplomacy
in order to effectively highlight the Kashmir issue at the international fora and expose Indian brutalities in the occupied Kashmir. She also
called for setting up Guru Nanak University at the earliest.

Mian Abdul Manan said it was strange that instead of giving
positive proposals to improve the budget document and make it more people-friendly, the opposition was boycotting the proceedings.
He said like 200 million people of the country, Nehal Hashmi could
express his opinion frrely, however, the PML-N would not tolerate
anything against the judiciary.
Captain (R) Safdar condemned the Umerkot incident which claimed
the life of Irfan Masih, who was not given timely medical treatment
by the doctors at the hospital.
Khalil Jaar, while condemning the Umerkot incident, said the
government should compensate the heirs of Irfan Masih.
He said it was the best budget keeping in view the current
situation and congratulated the government for presenting the fifth
He said the budget was people-friendly. The measures taken by the
government to overcome energy shortage would help reduce loadshedding,
he added.
He said Pakistan of 2017 was much better than that of 2012.
Tahira Aurangzeb said the opposition wanted to stop Pakistan’s
journey towards prosperity. The economy had improved during last
couple of years as GDP had increased to 5.3%, the 10 years highest,
because of the financial discipline maintained by the government
while the menace of terrorism had also been overcome to a great
She expressed the hope that loadshedding would be overcome before
next elections. It was the PML-N government which had conducted
population census after the gap of 19 years, she added.
Shakeela Luqman said that Pakistan was facing many issues in 2013,
when the PML-N came into power. However, the government took many
steps and now the country was in better position on all fronts.
She said the gross domestic product (GDP) had improved while
stock exchange was performing very well. Pakistan’s ranking had
improved as per world financial institutions.
She said with the completion of several energy projects, the
country would have sufficient electricity by 2018.
Tariq C Qaiser, said at present there was practically no ministry
for minorities at Centre after its devolution to the provinces. It was
imperative to restore the ministry to protect the rights of minorities,
he urged.
He said a little amount had been earmarked in the budget for
the minorities, which should be increased.

Taking part in the discussion, Asia Naz Tanoli lauded the
Prime Minister, Finance Minister and the government for presenting
5th consecutive budget.
She said the PML-N would again also form government in 2018, because
of purging the country of terrorists and bringing peace in Karachi.
She recounted the reforms brought by the government in various sectors including railways, education, health and energy.
She called for regularization of teachers of federal government
She criticized the opposition for creating hurdles in progress and
prosperity in the country. The prime minister had presented himself
and his family for accountability, she added.
Arifa Khalida congratulated the government for presneting a
landmark budget. She said that the government had managed to attract huge foreign investment for the first time in the country’s history.
She appreciated the government for allocating Rs 38 billion for
development of water resources as she feared that future wars would be fought for water.
She said the government recognized the sacrifices of the armed
forces for the restoration of peace in the country.
She said allocations were made for youth, health and education sectors,
which would usher in an era of development.
She demanded setting of a cadet college for women in the Capital.
Later, the House was adjourned to meet again on Tuesday at 11:00 am.