No compromise on respect of Holy Prophet: Dar


ISLAMABAD, Jan 28 (APP): Minister for Finance Muhammad Ishaq
Dar Saturday said there would be no compromise on the dignity and
respect of Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).
Addressing the “Khatam e Nabuwat Conference”, organized by the
custodians of Golra Sharif Shrine here, he said,”We can sacrifice our
lives, wealth and everything we possess, for the dignity and respect
of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).”
He said there would be no change in the blasphemy law as
Pakistan came into being in the name of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Pakistan was the only country whose foundation were laid on
Islam and Kalma Tayyaba, he added.
Ishaq Dar said no one could deny that the Holy Quran is the
last book revealed by the Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is
the last Prophet, and it is part of the faith of every Muslim.
“We will sacrifice our lives but make no compromise on the
respect and dignity of the Prophet (PBUH,” he vowed.
Dar said Muslims could succeed in this life and the life
hereafter only by following the teachings of the Last Prophet (PBUH).
He said the people, who were disloyal and betrayed the country,
had vanished as Pakistan itself was a blessing of Allah, who gifted
it to the Muslims because of their love for the Prophet (PBUH).
Thus there was need to make the country a fort of Islam and
for which all would have to work together day and and night in
accordance with the teachings of the Last Prophet (PBUH), he added.
Ishaq Dar said the objective of Pakistan becoming a nuclear
power was for the defence of Muslim Ummah and it would play its
leadership role for the progress and development of all the
Islamic countries.
The minister appreciated the Custodian of the Golra Shrine for
organizing the conference following the footsteps of his forefathers.
The conference was an annual programme held at the
Shrine which had been initiated by the Pir of Golra Syed Mahir Ali
Shah to falsify claims of a liar about prophithood during his
time, he added.
Religious scholars and Ulema from across the country and abroad, including India, Afghanistan, the United Kingdom and United Arab
Emirates attended the event.