Nisar approves NADRA office at Torkham Gate to prevent entry of undocumented Afghans

LANDI KOTAL, Dec 21 (APP): Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan
Wednesday approved establishment of NADRA Office at Torkham Gate crossing point on Pak-Afghan border at Landi Kotal, Khyber Agency for screening and checking people entering and exiting Pakistan.
According to a press release of Khyber Rifles, the interior minister approved the establishment of NADRA office to prevent the entry of people from Afghanistan to Pakistan on fake documents.
The minister, who paid a detailed visit to Khyber Agency also approved installation of Vehicle’s Scanner to check heavy vehicles and containers at Torkham Gate.
Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan also instructed political administration of Khyber Agency to preserve and renovate all historical places in the agency which remained witnessed to great invaders who used Khyber Pass to enter subcontinent.
The minister also appreciated sacrifices made by personnel of security forces specially the FC in war against terror.
The interior minister supported the idea of repairing Khyber Railway, where previously Khyber Safari used to ply. He assured bringing it to the knowledge of railway minister to repair damaged track and renew Steam Safari Train.
The Interior Minister was deeply impressed by the rich history of Khyber
Agency and sacrifices made by Khyber Rifles in bringing peace to the area. The minister during the visit to Torkham border also shook hands with Afghan border guards.
The Afghan guards asked Chaudhry Nisar to allow entery of sick patients from the Afghan side. The interior minister promised to
immediately start work on easy visa system for ailing patients coming to Pakistan.