ISLAMABAD, June 6 (APP): National Commission for Human
Development (NCHD) is vehemently engaged in enrollment drive with
the support of provincial governments, donor agencies and parents
all over the country.

Through its efforts, 82,166 children have been enrolled in
5681 feeder schools said, Chairperson NCHD, Senator (R) Razina Alam
Khan in the 42nd Commission meeting held here on Monday which was
also attended by members Roshan Khurshid Bharucha,Dr. Sono
Khangharani, Dr. Mubashir Bhatti, Rafiq Tahir Joint Education
Advisor Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training,
Abid Hussain Director General-NCHD and Zulfiqar Ahmad Chief
Executive Officer PHDF.

The Chairperson expressed her concern over the fact that 57
million people in the country are illiterate while 24 million
children never go to school.

She further deplored that out of 26 million children who are
enrolled, only 33% reach the matriculation level.
While discussing the grim educational statistic in Pakistan,
Chairperson NCHD said the primary net enrollment is 72% out of which
33% are dropouts.

The government was alive on the situation and taking practical
steps to bring all out of school children into the educational

She informed that NCHD has imparted education to 3.84 million
adults in 164,190 literacy centers and now the project of bringing
the students of seminaries into the regular education program is
gaining support in FATA and rest of the country.

The project would introduce science, mathematics, social
studies and English in the curriculum of these students to help them
attain academic proficiency up to class 5th, she informed.

She said that the project of Deeni Madaras (seminaries) would
help enable the madaras students to achieve academic excellence in
formal and modern educational subjects.

The NCHD project of formal education in Federally Administered
Tribal Areas (FATA), Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Azad Jammu & Kashmir
(AJK) and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), would assist the
existing seminaries to prepare their children for primary education,
she viewed.

While briefing the commission members on impact of NCHD
projects under donor funding she said, mainstreaming of 100 madaras
in FATA, AJK and ICT will be done with a total budget of Rs 50
million to educate 2500 children.

Every Child in School Initiative (ECSI)” are operational in
10 districts of KPK and 10 districts of South Punjab with a budget
of Rs 193 million and Rs 9.2 million respectively.

“Strengthening policy and training for retention through
intensive enrollment campaign and dropout mechanism” is funded by
UNICEF with a budget of Rs 50 million.

“Own a School Initiative programme” has established 25 schools
and enrolled 1254 children.

Primary education is provided in KPK through community feeder
schools covering 6 districts.

The Chairperson NCHD stressed the need of literacy drive on
the national level based on skill development, empowerment of
downtrodden, human development and character building.
She emphasized the need of students’ retention in schools
along with massive enrollment drive.