Musadik rejects assertions about offering Field Marshal’s post to Raheel Sharif


ISLAMABAD, Aug 16 (APP): Spokesman to the Prime Minister Dr
Musadik Malik on Tuesday rejected the claims of political leaders
about offering of Field Marshal’s post to General Raheel Sharif by the government and termed such assertions as baseless.

“Such assertions are ridiculous. This issue was not
discussed in any meeting,” he said speaking in a private news
channel program in response to a question relating to the statement of
a political leader.

“Raheel Sharif is man of integrity and he has manifested it.
The statements about offering him a new post were ridiculous,” he

He said General Raheel Sharif had himself stated far before
his retirement date that he was not interested in extension and
his integrity was known to everybody.

He also ruled out any possibility of military intervention
and said, there was no fear of umpire’s finger as was claimed by
the protestors during agitation at D Chowk.

When he was questioned that the news was leaked by one of
PML N MNA, Mr Malik insisted to name the person so that the confusions die down. “The MNA concerned should be named in this program so in future nobody shows courage to spread rumors on sensitive matters.”

He welcomed the decision of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf to
move to apex court on the Panama papers and said, “it is welcoming
that PTI is moving to the court. Let the Supreme Court decide on this
matter now.”

He said after that they had taken the legal course, we hope
that past like hooliganism and damage to public property would be
avoided during the PTI protests.

“We also desire that justice should be done. We also desire
that their movement would be peaceful,” Malik said.

Commenting on a remark by a participant about Leader of the
Opposition in National Assembly, he stated that Syed Khurhseed
Shah always stood firm for democracy and we appreciate him.

“This is in no way justified to state that he has been a
sympathizer of the government. He is a sensible Opposition Leader
and always represented the Opposition and his party,” he remarked.
The Spokesman said the government had offered to the
opposition to nominate any officer of the FIA for inquiry on
Panama papers. But, the PTI’s habit of changing stances made
things inconclusive as they opt to malign any institution which
goes against their will.

He strongly condemned the statements of Indian leadership
against Pakistan, specifically the statement of their Defence
Minister and said, he might be seeing his own face in the mirror
while issuing such statement about Pakistan.