Media policy should be in conformity of current time, traditions, culture: President


ISLAMABAD, Dec 31 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Thursday said that Pakistan’s media policy should be in conformity with the current time, traditions and culture.
Journalism is not only a source of keeping the society abreast of current situation but it also performs the responsibility of safeguarding the nation’s cultural and geographical frontiers, he added.
The President said this while talking to Chief Editors and Editors of leading national newspapers and magazines from all over the country who met him here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.
He said that there was a need to inculcate hope and optimism in the nation adding that development work on many projects was underway in the country which the media should highlight.
The President stated that Pakistan’s future is bright and emphatically said that not an inch of change has been done in the route of Economic Corridor.
He said that there were so many ills in the country which would take time to surmount and the government was fulfilling its responsibilities in this regard.
The President stated that the projects for energy generation and national progress initiated by the government would be the harbinger of a bright future of the country and called upon the media to support completion of these projects to achieve prosperity in the country.
He called for tolerance and patience and said that “we should be proud of our religious, cultural and social norms.”
The President said that the Economic Corridor project will create new opportunities of progress and prosperity not only in Pakistan but also the whole region.
“Media should highlight such positive measures by the government to create optimism and confidence and discourage despondency and gloom”, he remarked.
The President had an in-depth discussion with the chief editors and editors of leading national dailies and newspapers during which he listened to useful suggestions from them and also answered their questions.