LCCA elections: over 100 clubs pledge support to Kh Nadeem group


LAHORE, Oct 21 (APP):Over one hundred cricket clubs of the city on Saturday pledged support to Khawaja Nadeem Ahmad group in the elections of the Lahore City Cricket Association, being held on October 26.
The representatives of the affiliated clubs of West, North and East Zones expressed their unanimous resolve to elect Sardrar Noushad and Waseem Anwar as the President and Secretary of the LCCA at a reception here, which was organised by Kh Nadeem Group in the honour of their supporting clubs of the LCCA.
The reception was attended by former president LCCA, Kh Nadeem Ahmad, former secretary, Mian Javed Ali, presidents of West and North Zone cricket associations, Sardar Noushad, Maqsood Anwar and top cricket organisers including Azhar Zaidi, Nawab Mansoor Hayat, Sarfraz Ahmad, Aizad Hussain Syed and Mansoor Hameed.
Speaking on the occasion, Kh Nadeem Ahmad said majority of the clubs of the three zones of the LCCA have joined hands for a collective cause of promotion of club cricket.
“The presence of cricket clubs have endorsed our collective stance that we are together at one platform for better future of club cricket and we will be electing right people for the right job in LCCA elections,” said Nadeem who remained President of LCCA for two successive terms.
He said the specific candidate of his group is to clean the game from corruption and to shoulder Pakistan Cricket Board’s efforts for overall development of the game.
He expressed his delight on the unity shown by the clubs and urged to remain united in the larger interest of grass root level and to defeat negative forces in the elections of LCCA.
Noted cricket organiser Azhar Zaidi said it was a heartening to note that majority of clubs of the city are together to better Lahore clubs cricket. “Lahore cricket badly needs honest people to run the LCCA on true professional lines to re-establish LCCA status as a role model body,” he said.
Mian Javed Ali said the prime objective of the clubs present here is to stream line Lahore cricket, specially East Zone Cricket Association, where negative tactics and policies of its present office bearers has destroyed the game and corrupt individuals are minting money through their illegal practices.
Maqsood Ahmad said: “We will start a new era in Lahore cricket by electing our sound reputed candidates in the elections.”
Sardar Noushad expressed his pledge to clean the LCCA and cricket from corruption, if elected president in the elections. “I am running West Zone in an exemplary way by strictly following the policy of merit in every matter and I will continue the same in LCCA if elected to power.”
Waseem Anwar said he is contesting the elections of Secretary LCCA with an aim to play his part to continue the policies of Kh Nadeem group for the betterment of early level cricket.
Manzoor Mani said that they have joined Kh Nadeem Group to lend support to honest people who are contesting the elections of the LCCA.