Language important for identification of nation: CM


LAHORE, Feb 20 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz
Sharif said language was of paramount importance for the identification of a nation.
“Language is the best source of existence and promotion of cultural heritage and an important part of personality of a human being.
The importance of mother language as national identity and cultural inheritance is an
admitted fact and the importance of mother language can not be denied in present modern age. Each word and sentence of mother tongue is the reflection of national tradition, civilization, mental and spiritual experiences,” he said.
In a message on International Mother Language Day, the Chief Minister said language was such a social gift which was being transferred from one generation to other with the passage of time.
He said languages played a key role in creating awareness about linguistic and cultural traditions. Education of mother tongue helped promote language itself, he added.
The education given in mother language left a positive impact on childrens mental nurturing, he added.
Shehbaz Sharif said that as the majority of population of Pakistan spoke Punjabi language therefore Punjabi was language spoken the most therefore it was one of the important languages in Pakistan.