Kulbushan awarded capital punishment under law: Asif


ISLAMABAD, April 11 (APP): Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Tuesday said Indian spy Kulbushan Sudhir Yadhav, who was arrested in Pakistan, was tried under the law and awarded capital punishment by fulfilling all legal requirements.
The minister, in a statement in the Upper House of Parliament, said
Kulbushan had himself confessed his involvement in anti-state activities
in Pakistan on the behest of Indian government. “Kulbushan was involved in espionage and terrorism within Pakistan and had deep links with anti-state elements in Balochistan and Karachi in executing terrorist activities to destabilize Pakistan.”
He said Kulbushan was under trial for last more than three months
and had confessed during investigation that he was an Indian state actor and had links with elements within Pakistan on behest of Indian government to carry out anti-state activities for destabilizing the country.
He had been awarded capital punishment under the law and would
have the facility to appeal against his punishment to the Army Chief
within 60 days and thereafter to the President of Pakistan, Khwaja Asif
“With sentencing Kulbushan to death, Pakistan has sent a loud and
clear message that whenever anybody would espionage against Pakistan
from abroad or from within our territory, the law will take its course
with full force,” he said.
He said that Pakistan was strong enough to deal with an iron hand
with those involved in anti-state activities and conspiracies to
destabilize it.
He said Indian response on the issue was also given a matching
response by Pakistan’s High Commissioner in New Delhi.
Khawaja Asif said the enemies of Pakistan within the country and
abroad must be well aware that Pakistani forces, people, the government
and civilian institutions were fully alive to defence of the country and protecting national integrity.
He said it was an extraordinary situation for the country for
its 200,000 forces were deployed along the western border and 80,000
along the Line of Control to defend its boundaries.
He said Pakistani military personnel, Rangers and civilian population
had been victim of terrorism and the government was committed to safety
and security of its people.
He dispelled the impression of pre-meditated murder of the Indian
government and said all rules and laws were followed in Kulbushan’s
case. “However, what happened in Indian Gujrat, Samjhota Express and
Kashmir is pre-meditated murders sponsored by India.”
He said that India had always been conspiring against Pakistan’s
integrity through proxy war and through firing along borders. “But, we
are fully alive to our defence and national security.”