KfW apologizes for unauthorized published report; calls media report fabricated


ISLAMABAD, Mar 17 (APP): Appreciating the power sector performance in Pakistan, KfW – a German development bank – on Friday apologized for the unauthorizedly published report and called the media report carried by a section of media (DAWN), “a fabricated and very negative story.”
Director KfW Office Pakistan, Wolfgang Mollers in a letter addressed to Secretary Ministry of Water and Power Mohammad Younus Dagha said, “This is a follow up to the joint meeting of EAD (Economic Affairs Division), Ministry of Water and Power and KfW on March 13, 2017.
“As discussed at the meeting, our paper was essentially an internal academic exercise based on our limited information. Unfortunately, it was taken out of context and blown out of proportion in a way to fabricate a very negative story, giving the impression of a verdict against the excellent work done by the Ministry of Water and Power.”
“This is highly regrettable, and KfW does apologize for that,” the Director KfW Office said in the letter.
Wolfgang Mollers stated, “In fact and for the record: Being a long term supporter of Pakistan’s power development, we admire the fastest ever pace of progress achieved in recent years by your Ministry in power generation as well as in transmission & distribution system.”
“We trust that with your kind support and understanding, this episode will not become a stumbling block in our half a century strong development cooperation,” the Director KfW Office added in the letter.