Jammu and Kashmir dispute an unfinished agenda of sub- continent’s partition: PM

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 29 (APP): Terming Jammu and Kashmir  dispute as an “unfinished agenda of the partition of the sub-
continent” Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Thursday said no external force had the capability or capacity to challenge the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan.

“We have the best Armed Forces in the world and we are
proud of that. Above all, the entire nation is standing behind
our valiant armed forces,” the Prime Minister said in a
statement issued here.

“No power can deter us from supporting our Kashmiri
brethren in their just and legitimate struggle for the
exercise of their right to self determination guaranteed to
them by the UNSC relevant resolutions,” he stated.

Meanwhile in the wake of unprovoked aggression of Indian
security forces across the Line of Control, and deteriorating
situation in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Prime Minister has decided to convene Cabinet meeting on Friday where deteriorating situation in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir will be the top agenda item.

Besides, the Prime Minister will discuss the evolving
situation after his address to the UN General Assembly,
constructive bilateral meetings with the heads of state and
government, and UN Secretary General to consolidate the gains during the visit to New York.

The Prime Minister has also decided to convene on
Tuesday, a meeting of the National Security Committee with
special invitation to all the Chief Ministers to deliberate at
length the emerging scenario across the Line of Control and
brutal state oppression in IOK.

On Wednesday, a joint session of the Parliament will be
held to reaffirm the national resolve for safeguarding the
sovereignty and preserving the territorial integrity of the
motherland against any kind of external or internal threat as
well as reiterating the moral, political and diplomatic
support to the people of IOK.

The Prime Minister will take the nation and Parliament
into confidence.