Indian forces pushing Kashmiri youth towards militancy: Masood Khan

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ISLAMABAD, Feb 27 (APP): President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan Monday said that the occupation forces in the Indian Occupied Kashmir were pushing youth towards militancy and armed resistance by threatening them with punitive measures.
He said this in his address to the trainee officers of the prestigious Police College, Sihala, said a press release issued here on Monday.
“The movement of the people of Kashmir is indigenous and peaceful. India is denying Kashmiri youth and Kashmiri freedom leaders the political space they need by choking off all channels of communication,” he said.
The President condemned a statement made by the Indian military command that it would use more repression against Kashmiris. “How many more Kashmiris do you want to kill?” he asked.
The President said India has launched a two pronged attack.
“It is killing Kashmiris in IOK with impunity which is a war on mass scale against unarmed civilians and simultaneously it has mounted fourth generation warfare against Pakistan, its people and institutions.”
“This twin warfare must end if India wants to see peace and stability in region,” he said.
Sardar Masood Khan said that the people of Kashmir and Pakistan are demanding dialogue and diplomacy while India was pushing militarism and state terrorism.
“India’s aggression and unbridled violence against Kashmiris would be curbed by the political will of the Kashmiris”, he said.
The Kashmiri people’s sacrifices and moral power have demonstrated that India would not be able to annex and assimilate their territory into the Indian federation, he added.
“Article 370 of the Indian constitution is but a fig leaf for India’s occupation of the Kashmir territory, which its people have demonstrably rejected. Now India was resorting to naked aggression to devour the occupied territory,” he said.
“This will not happen,” the President said while highlighting that the message of the people of Kashmir was clear that India should leave.
President of Azad Kashmir said that enlightened political forces in India should put pressure on its government to open channels for political dialogue with the Kashmiris in IOK and with Pakistan.
The President emphasized that there was strong and unbreakable complementarity between Pakistan and Kashmir. “Their mountains and rivers, their economies, their waters and their people have created eternal bond between them. Their security is interdependent,” he said.
Masood Khan said that the police force plays a key role in the promotion and protection of human rights, provision of security to its citizens and in creating an environment for stability and economic development.
He urged policemen to hone their professional skills to repulse the forces that plan and execute subversion, terrorism and proxy war against Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.