Imran refuses to respond to contempt of court notice of ECP

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ISLAMABAD, April 24 (APP): Chief Election Commissioner (CEC)
Sardar Mohammad Raza Monday again asked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan to respond to its contempt of court notice.
The CEC was conducting the hearing here at Election Commission building while heading a four member bench.
The CEC warned the PTI lawyer that if Imran Khan refused to file reply to contempt of court notice, then it will issue an order.
During hearing of PTI’s foreign funding embezzlement case, Sardar Raza said Imran Khan was not complying with commission’s orders.
The counsel of the PTI Anwar Mansur said the ECP should determine its jurisdiction for hearing after which PTI will respond to the contempt notice.
Sardar Raza said it was strange stance that PTI will respond to the contempt of court notice only after ECP determined its jurisdiction.
The CEC asked Anwar Mansur to stop his client from making irresponsible statements, adding if this behavior was not contempt of court then what else was.
Sardar Raza told Anwar Mansoor to ask his client to take back his statement and seek apology, adding arguments could not be made on contempt of court notice.
The CEC inquired from Anwar Mansur whether he was representing PTI in both foreign fund embezzlement case and contempt of court notice.
Sardar Raza said it could decide the case in chamber if PTI did not want to reply to the notice.
Akbar S Babar submitted record of documents to the ECP about his removal from the party.
The lawyer of Akbar S Babar said that his client was removed from the post of party’s secretary information.
He said that PTI collected party funds through illegal means.