National Fund for Disaster Management in pipeline to facilitate early warning system, flood mitigation

ISLAMABAD, Dec 17 (APP):National Disaster Management Authority
(NDMA) is planning to construct three more Humanitarian Response
Facilities (HRFs) (Warehouses) at Islamabad, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit to
provide timely disaster relief to affected persons.

The Authority had constructed these facilities at strategic
locations in collaboration with World Food Programme (WFP) at Quetta,
Jallozai, Muzaffargarh, Lahore, Sukkur and Hyderabad with further
being planned.
The NDMA, being a leading Agency at Federal level mandated
to coordinate and monitor implementation of national policies,
guidelines and strategies on disaster management, has also installed
51 Flospans in vulnerable districts countrywide.
These facilities ensure that timely disaster relief is
provided to affectees.
Official sources on Monday said flood fighting equipment
reserve North and South have been created at Rawalpindi and Abdul Hakeem
NDMA is also considering creation of Sindh specific
flood fighting equipment reserve at Sukkur.
It is mentioned here that Warehouse is a facility
where relief and rescue items are stored for meeting needs of
any disaster.
Warehouses can be of two types i.e. permanent and
Permanent Warehouses are buildings of concrete or
pre-fabricated materials, purposely built as storage facilities.
Mostly these warehouses have all allied facilities available in
them like fire hydrants, fire fighting equipment, security etc
along with a permanent organization of specialized staff.
Human Response Facility (HRF) can be included in category of
permanent warehouses.
The Temporary Warehouses are used for short period of
time for some specific relief operation or temporary storage
of stores. Some warehouses are known as temporary warehouses
due to their build and material used for construction like
Flospans, Rub Halls etc.
Flospan is a kind of immovable warehousing facility installed
with a concrete floor base and consists of iron sheet. However,
it can be dismantled and reinstalled as per need.