Governor assures help to restore glory, legacy of Lyari

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KARACHI, Jun. 18 (APP)- Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair on
Sunday committed to restore the lost glory and legacy of Lyari and
appreciated role played by PPP government for the cause.
Talking to the residents of Karachi’s oldest neighborhood during
an iftar and dinner party hosted in his honor by Secretary General,
PML (N), Karachi – South, Raja Said Ansari Sunday evening he said
contribution made by foot ball players, cyclists and wrestlers from
Lyari can never be ignored.
“How can we forget the laurels they had clinched for us and the
country,” he said emphasizing that culture and history of the area
people can also not be ignored.
Regretting that situation for sportsmen of the area, as other
inhabitants of Lyari, turned grim due to lawlessness, he said federal
and provincial governments, Pakistan Rangers – Sindh and law enforcing
agencies are playing their role to not only restore peace but also
sustain it on permanent basis.
“It is in this process that concerted efforts are being made to
tap the natural talent of the area youth with particular focus to
ensure their participation in national and regional foot ball,
wrestling and cycling tournaments,” said the Governor of Sindh.
He assured the residents that the government is trying to arrange
training for them and services of reputable coach are being arranged
for the purpose.
“Equal attention is also being paid to procure jobs for budding
as well as established sportsmen from the area in different government
departments semi-government institutions,” he said.
Raja Said Ansari said the iftar and dinner party held Sunday
evening was exactly at the site that only a few months ago was
controlled by terrorists and criminal elements.
“Vast majority of people, including those from Karachi itself,
could not dare to be here, ” he said.
The PML (N) activist appreciated Sindh Governor for distributing
lap-tops among the youth belonging to Lyari as a gesture to restore
their confidence.
The event among others was also attended by President, PML (N),
Sindh, Sarfaraz Jatoi besides other office bearers including Khaildas
Kohistani,Chaudhry Sohail, Munir Ahmed, Abid Brohi, Aslam Bhutta,
Mir Mushtaq,Nasir Karim, Mian Muhammad Rashid and others.