Foolproof security arrangements made as verdict on Panama case announced

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ISLAMABAD, April 20 (APP): Capital Territory Police and
Islamabad District Administration made elaborate security
arrangements both inside and outside Supreme Court (SC) to ensure
maximum safety as Panama case verdict was announced here on
Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control, Chaudhry Nisar
Ali Khan had directed Inspector General of Police Islamabad and
Chief Commissioner to make fool-proof security arrangements during
the course of verdict and in this regard asked them to approach Registrar
Supreme Court.
As per arrangements, only those persons were allowed inside
Supreme Court premises who were given valid entry passes.
Local administration was directed not to allow any kind of
political gathering or activity near Apex court’s building. Rangers
were also assisting police for ensuring security.
He said that more than 500 personnel of Police,
Rangers and Frontier Constabulary (FC) were deployed inside the
court whereas additional force was deployed outside.
Strict monitoring was conducted at all points of entry into
Red zone, where at least 1,500 security personnel were deployed for
added security.
Special passes were given to at least 15 members of each
political party for entry in the court. Political activists, however
were not permitted to enter Supreme Court premises.