Food Authority being set up in Islamabad: Baleegh

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ISLAMABAD, Jan 31 (APP): Minister of State for Interior and Narcotics Control Beleegh ur Rehman Tuesday informed the National Assembly that a Food Authority was being set up in the federal capital to ensure provision of quality edible items to citizens.
‘The Food Authority, on the pattern of Punjab province, is being set up in Islamabad,’ he said while responding to a calling attention notice moved by Khalida Mansoor, Shakila Luqman, Surriya Asghar and Asiya Naz Tanoli regarding supply of toxic milk in the federal capital.
Besides, the minister said, a draft of ICT Food Safety & Standard Act had been finalized and would be tabled in the House soon.
He admitted that unfortunately there were reports of milk toxicity, adulteration and using unlawful method to get additional production from buffaloes and cows, which was a matter of great concern for all.
Last year, Baleegh said, a massive drive was launched in Islamabad against the elements involved in the illegal activity and issued 67 challans, carried out 269 inspections, collected 202 samples and disposed of around 21,000 litre substandard milk.
He said the samples collected from dairy farms, distributors and restaurants were sent to the National Institute of Health for examination.
Replying to a query of Surriya Asghar, the minister said no one could be allowed to bridge gap between demand and supply of milk by any illegal mean, adding that the demand could only be met by increasing local production or importing the commodity.
The minister was of the view that exemplary punishment should be given to the elements found involved in milk toxicity and adulteration.