WASHINGTON, March 5 (APP): US authorities detained an Afghan family at the airport which had been granted approval to move to the United States, raising questions about the extent of ban imposed by President Trump on citizens from seven Muslim countries.
Afghanistan is not among the seven countries whose citizens had been barred from entering the United States under a move said to aim at keeping away potential terrorists from entering the United States.
That ban, which was imposed by President Trump through an executive order, had been stayed by a Federal Court, after it was challenged by several States, mostly those with a large population of immigration from Latin American, Spain and Asia.
The Afghan family of five was granted approval based on his father’s work with the American government, but it has been detained at the Los Angeles International Airport for two days after flying into the United States, a New York Times report said quoting a legal advocacy group in a court documents filed in the court on Saturday.
On Saturday evening, a federal judge issued a restraining order to prevent authorities from moving the father, mother and their children from out of the state. The order came just hours before the authorities were preparing to shift the family to Texas, possibly to keep them in a
detention center there.
“The whole time the children are crying, the woman is crying. They
can’t understand what’s going on,” said a lawyer with the firm Gibson Dunn which is representing the family without charging any fee.
Many states have said they would not support the ban on immigrants
which has also stopped refugees from Syria, who are trying to flee the
war zones. Many city mayors, including that of the New York city, has
vowed to provide protection to undocumented immigrants, and even use
state funds to help provide legal help to these aliens.
President Trump has threatened to stop funds to these so-called “Sanctuaries cities” and Trump administration officials have said that States ought to help federal authorities in implementing federal laws.
According to the NYT report, the man, his wife and three children,
ages 7, 6 and 8 months had arrived on Special Immigrant Visas, which have been created by Congress for citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan who have helped the United States military and government as drivers, interpreters
or in other job roles.
Becca Heller, the director of the International Refugee Assistant project , described the situation as unprecedented and “inhumane and unconstitutional”, saying that they were granted permission to board the plane after going through so many layers of security clearance.
Despite stay against the banning order, custom agents at airport have been detaining passengers, demanding passwords for smartphones to look into their contents and even cancelling visas.