Dawn Leaks Inquiry Committee recommendations released officially


ISLAMABAD, May 10 (APP): Ministry of Interior Wednesday issued
recommendations of the Dawn Leaks Inquiry Committee approved by
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
According to a press release of the ministry, the committee
suggested that there was a need to develop a Code of Conduct for the
Print Media especially when dealing with issues relating to security
of Pakistan.
The committee recommended that the role of daily Dawn/Zafar
Abbas/Cyril Almeida, in the instant case, may be referred to All
Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) with a direction to take
disciplinary action against Daily Dawn/Zafar Abbas/Cyril Almeida,
besides developing a Code of Conduct for publishing stories on
issues of national importance and security by abiding to the basic
journalistic and editorial norms.
“Due to reasons referred to previous sections, the action
already taken by the Federal Government against Senator Pervaiz
Rashid is endorsed,” said the press release.
The committee unanimously agreed that Rao Tehsin Ali had not
displayed the required level of professionalism and has shown
carelessness while dealing with the issue that the committee
recommends that, he being a civil servant, may be proceeded against
under the Efficiency and Discipline Rules 1973.
Due to reasons referred in previous sections, the Committee
recommended removal of Tariq Fatemi from his current portfolio.
“Since action on orders of the Prime Minister has already been
completed by the respective Ministries and Divisions, the issue of
Dawn Leads stands settled,” it added.