Chinese naval task force on home-bound voyage after ‘Aman-17’ exercise


BEIJING (China), Feb 16 (APP): The 24th Chinese naval

escort task force, after participating in “Aman-17”
multinational joint naval exercise in Arabian sea (Pakistan),
have now embarked on home-bound voyage.
The naval task force comprises of the guided-missile
destroyer Harbin, the guided-missile frigate Handan and
the comprehensive supply ship Dongpinghu, official sources
in Chinese Defence Ministry said on Thursday.
During the five-day exercise, starting on February 10,
the Chinese sailors and sailors from other participating
navies, took part in cultural exchange activities, sport
competitions, thematic seminars and maritime actual-troop
During the stage of maritime actual-troop drills,
naval warships from participating countries were grouped
into three combined task forces.
The first combined taskforce consisted of six naval
ships including the Chinese guided-missile frigate
Handan, the Russian destroyer Severomorsk, the Turkish
frigate Gelibolu and the Pakistani frigate Aslat.
The second combined taskforce comprised five warships.
Apart from the Chinese guided-missile destroyer Harbin,
the other four members of the taskforce were British
destroyer Daring, the australina frigate Arunta, the
Indonesia frigate Sultan Iskandarmuda and the
frigate Saif of Pakistan.
The third combined taskforce was comprised of four
naval ships including the Chinese supply ship Dongpinghu,
an inshore patrol boat from the Sri Lanka Navy and the
Pakistani frigate Tippu Sultan.
The maritime drills included ship formation
maneouvre, replenishment at sea (RAS) and joint
maritime blockade drill.
After completing its mission of participating in
the ‘Aman-17’ multinational joint naval exercise on
February 14, the three Chinese naval ships departed
for China from waters, adjacent to Karachi (Pakistan)
on the next day.