BEIJING, Sep 20 (APP):BEIJING, Sept 20 (APP): Welcoming European Union (EU) policy document on Eurasian interconnection strategy, a Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson said on Thursday his country was looking forward to the EU playing a constructive role in promoting Asia-Europe interconnection and sending positive signals to build an open world economy.

“We have noticed that the EU issued a policy document on the Eurasian interconnection strategy. The document positively evaluates the significance of Asia-Europe interconnection and its role in promoting economic growth in Asia and Europe,” Gen Shuang said during his regular briefing held here.
He said the policy document advocated “comprehensive, sustainable and rule-based interconnection” and expressed its willingness to strengthen cooperation with Asian countries including China.
“We look forward to the EU playing a constructive role in promoting Asia-Europe interconnection and exporting positive signals to promote economic cooperation between Asia and Europe and to build an open world economy,” he added.
The spokesperson said strengthening interconnection and exchange between Asia and Europe is conducive to opening up new space for regional and world economic growth, adding new impetus to cooperation between Asian and European countries, and in line with the common interests of all parties.
China, he said, has always actively supported Asia-Europe interconnection, which is also an important goal of the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative.
Geng Shuang said the leaders of China and the EU have reached a consensus on promoting the “One Belt, One Road” initiative to connect with the EU’s interconnection plan. The two sides have also established a China-EU interconnection platform.
“We believe that with the joint efforts of China and the EU, the interconnection between Asia and Europe will surely continue to make new progress and continue to benefit the people of the region,” he added.