China, India exploring border issue solution through special representatives’ meeting


BEIJING, June 5 (APP): China and India are exploring the solution

through the mechanism of special representatives’ meeting on the
boundary question while taking measures to uphold peace and tranquility
in the border area, a spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday.
“Leaders of both countries attach great importance to the boundary
question, on which they have in-depth communication during each meeting,” Hua Chunying said during her regular press briefing here.
She said both agreed that the early settlement of the boundary
question served the fundamental interests of both countries and was a strategic goal both sides strived to achieve.
Responding to another question, she said that China and India
had territorial disputes over the middle section of the boundary.
The Chinese border troops conduct regular border patrols, she added.
“China and India should communicate and coordinate with each
other through relevant border-related mechanisms to jointly safeguard
peace and tranquility of the border area,” she added.
The spokesperson said it was highly important for China and India
to maintain sound and stable relations, as they were two major
Hua Chunying said the Chinese side would work together with the
Indian side to steer the course of the overall relationship, deepen cooperation across the board, strive for common growth and bring more benefits to the two countries and peoples.
“We believe that the steady and sound development of China-India
relations will also benefit the region and beyond,” she added.
While commenting on diplomatic issue between Qatar and other Gulf
nations, she hoped that relevant countries could properly resolve differences through dialogue and consultation, uphold unity and jointly promote regional peace and stability.
On the terrorist attack in London, she said that China strongly
condemned the terrorist attacks that struck London once again, mourned
deeply for the victims and expressed sincere sympathy with the injured
and the bereaved families.
The Chinese side had expressed its condolences to the UK through
the diplomatic channel, she said and added successive terrorist attacks
in the UK highlight that the international community was faced with grave threat of terrorism.
“China firmly opposes all forms of terrorism and stands ready to work
with other members of the international community, the UK included, to jointly crack down on terrorism and safeguard world peace and security,”
she added.
To another question, she said there had been no report of death or
injury of Chinese nationals, adding, the Chinese Embassy in the UK had issued a consular alert.
“The Foreign Ministry and the Chinese diplomatic missions in the UK
will continue to closely follow the development of the case, and we again remind Chinese nationals in the UK to pay close attention to the security situation and the local police notice and stay alert,” she added.