CDA installs 37 water filtration plants in Islamabad: Senate told

ISLAMABAD, Jan 11 (APP): Minister of State for Interior and Narcotics Control Muhammad Baleegh ur Rehman Wednesday told the Senate that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had installed 37 water filtration
plants in Islamabad to provide clean drinking water to the residents.
Speaking during the Question Hour in the House, the minister said
34 plants were fully operational while only three were closed due to the repair work of the tube wells.
He said the operation and maintenance of water filtration plants was contracted out. A fresh contract for 2016 17 was under process. Plants’ maintenance at present was being carried out departmentally under the administrative control of Deputy Director with a team of supervisory
staff, he added.
To another question, the minister said during the last three years 266,412 Pakistanis were deported to Pakistan due to various reasons and
they were dealt in accordance with law.
He said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had directed all
the Pakistani embassies to provide every possible assistance to the
stranded Pakistanis (in foreign countries).
Baleegh said 37 deportees were returned to the European Union
countries because they were sent to Pakistan without due process of
law i.e. verification of their national status, as required under
standard operating procedures (SOPs) for deportation from abroad.
Regarding encroachment of the CDA land, the minister said there were some huts along the road and a proposal regarding their removal was earlier formulated but due to restraining order passed by the Supreme Court the action against said illegal encroachments could not be actualized.
The minister said the action outside the mandate of Katchi Abadis
(slums) was being taken by the respective team on daily basis, precisely
for the movable encroachment.
Baleegh ur Rehman said some land of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) was under adverse possession. In order to determine exact acreage of the detail field a survey was being started, he added.