At U.N., Pakistan calls for countering extremists’ propaganda to eliminate terrorism

UNITED NATIONS, May 15 (APP): Pakistan has called for a comprehensive international approach to wipe out terrorists, saying the failure to redress genuine grievances of the weak against the powerful created the breeding grounds of terrorism.

Speaking in the U.N. Security Council, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi underscored the need to counter “at every step, comprehensively” the terrorists’ “schematic” method of exploiting fears and grievances to lure followers into their fold. Terrorism, she said, could not be associated with any religion, culture or region.

“While individual Member States should do all they can to address socio economic conditions and politico religious factors at the national level, we must also address the international drivers that contribute to injustice, inequality, hatred and deprivation,” the Pakistani envoy told the 15 member Council during a debate on threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts.