Analysts hail PM for projecting Pakistan’s viewpoint on national and regional issues


KARACHI, Sep. 22 (APP)- Academicians and analysts here on Friday
appreciated Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for projecting Pakistan’s stance on burning regional issues especially on Kashmir and Afghanistan.
Talking to APP Friday they said a clear message was communicated
to the leaders from across the globe that Pakistan can neither be made
a scapegoat in context of Afghan conflict nor be compelled to
compromise its genuine concerns related to its dispute with India.
Prof. Talat Wizarat Head of Center for Policy and Area Studies
Department, Institute of Business Management, Karachi said it was
after a long time that government has taken a firm stance about
“United Nations must extend priority to investigate Indian
atrocities in Kashmir and it results be shared with all UN members,”
said Dr. Talat also the former head of International Relations
Department, Karachi University.
To a query, she said UN resolutions may not be obligatory but do
hold a strong value in the present day of growing consciousness for
human rights among the international community.
“World opinion in itself is important for every state
particularly those aspiring to emerge as powers of any category,”
commented the researcher.
Dr. Talat Wizarat said it was also a matter of immense
satisfaction for the entire Pakistani nation to see that both civilian and military leadership were committed to ensure that Afghan war is not fought on Pakistan’s soil.
“Pakistan and Afghanistan should not allow their territories to
be used against each other,” she said emphasizing the fact that
Pakistan has taken series of measures including indiscriminate action
against elements involved in terrorism related activities.
The onus, she said was now on Afghanistan not to shield non-state
actors as well as countries keen to conduct clandestine operation in
“Their motive is not only to create chaos in general but also to
disrupt China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) related projects underway in Pakistan,” said the researcher.
Mentioning that Afghan government does not hold control over
major parts of its country, Dr.Talat said peace can be established in
Afghanistan once all stakeholders are taken on board.

Prof. Dr. Shaista Tabbasum particularly appreciated suggestion
forwarded by the Prime Minister for UN’s special envoy to settle disputes
between the two neighboring countries.
“The submission aptly raised is very timely since stability in
the region is closely linked to normalcy of relations between Pakistan
and India,” said the senior faculty member of I.R. Department, Karachi
Acknowledging that Kashmir issue had been raised in a very
articulate manner by Pakistan, after quite some time, she said this
has also dispelled impression among many about any change in the
country’s policy towards the disputed state.
“In-fact the message has been adequately communicated that
Pakistan firmly believes in policy of non intervention,” said the
This, she said PM the same time ensured that Pakistan’s keenness
for regional peace may not be construed as gesture of submissiveness
and drew world attention towards the plight of the people of the
Indian occupied Kashmir.
Dr. Tabbasum said efforts made by the country towards the cause of
regional peace be it in context of India or Afghanistan were
highlighted with all sincerity of purpose and one can hope due
reciprocity from the concerned states in particular and world in
“The statement that Pakistan will not allow Afghan war to be
fought on Pakistan soil is meant for all international players,” she
said mentioning that powers with no direct stakes in the region must
review their approach towards Pakistan.
Senior economist, Prof. Dr. Shahida Wiazarat Khan said Prime
Minister through his speech at UN managed to put India on defensive as
facts were raised that could not be denied in the present era of
“It was definitely a good statement and the message was clear
that Pakistan takes very seriously all matters related to its
security,” she said.
Dr. Shahida was also of the opinion that PM’s speech paved fresh
avenues for the country as world was reminded to realize series of
sacrifices rendered by Pakistan.
“This is now needed to be reciprocated by other countries through
stringent measures against rogue and radical elements in their folds,”
Dr. Wizarat Khan said.