APP16-28 LAHORE: October 28 - Federal Minister for Interior Prof. Ahsan Iqbal talking to media after inaugural address of 2nd International Business Conference and Exhibition. APP

LAHORE, Oct 28 (APP):Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday ruled out any confrontation among state institutions,
saying some people wanted to create misgivings to propel their political agenda.
Speaking to media men after attending International Business
Conference and Exhibition here at Expo Centre, Ahsan Iqbal said
the country’s economy had suffered a lot owing to political
developments in the past four years. The Panama Papers scandal
inflicted a loss of around 40 billion dollars on stock market,
the minister claimed.
The country’s economy had collapsed in year 2013 when no one
was ready to invest in Pakistan, but now it was making progress,
the Interior Minister said and hoped if it continues to progress
at the current pace, the country would be among the world’s twenty
largest economies by 2025.
All economic indicators were showing positive improvements,
he further said.
Consistency in economic policies was indispensable for the
progress of the country, he said while predicting that Asia
would make up 50 percent of the world economy by 2025.
Referring to the criticism on the government over borrowing
loans, the minister said that loans were taken for the development
of the country.
Without stability and peace, development was not possible,
Iqbal further said. About next general elections, he said, the
polls would be held at scheduled time in 2018.
Earlier, the minister addressed at the inaugural session of
2nd International Business Conference and Exhibition. He said
that perpetrators of doom and gloom were not sincere with Pakistan.
He said that while international institutions were giving credit
to Pakistan for economic reforms and progress, it is unfortunate that some
talk shows were portraying a negative picture of the country.