47 illegal connections of WASA, Hyderabad disconnected due to non-payment of bills, NA told


ISLAMABAD, Jan. 13 (APP): Minister for National Health Services Regulation and Coordination, Saira Afzal Tarar on Wednesday informed the National Assembly that 47 illegal connections of Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) Hyderabad were disconnected due to non-payment of electricity bills.
She was responding to a calling attention notice, on behalf of Minister for Water and Power, of Syed Waseem Ahmed, Dr.Fouzia Hameed and other about disconnection of power supply to WASA, Hyderabad by Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO), causing grave concern among the public.
The minister said that their electricity connections had been restored after court orders and added that the real problem was payment of arrears by Sindh government to HESCO as the Sindh government had to pay Rs 98 billion to HESCO.
She said the issue would be resolved when the Minister for WAPA return to country.
She said there were 106 sanctioned and 46 unsanctioned connections in WASA,and it was a set procedure by WAPDA that connections of all those departments or individuals would be disconnected who were not paying bills.
The movers questioned why punishment of default of WASA was given to the
people Later, the House was adjourned to meet at 10:30 a.m on Thursday.