PGF National Club Championship enters final round

PGF National Club Championship enters final round
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LAHORE, Mar 06 (APP): The three-day Pakistan Golf Federation National Inter Club Golf Championship entered the final phase here on Saturday at the Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Course.

After two days of golf competition involving 16-member teams of DHA Golf Club, Karachi, Islamabad Club and Lahore Garrison Club, the team members of Garrison Club have combined remarkably well to boost the cup winning chances of their team.

Playing format required that each club team comprise of two golf professionals ,four amateur golfers,two junior golf professionals,two junior boys ,two junior girls ,two ladies and two senior amateurs and while other clubs have been ineffectual in their efforts to come up with flair and expertise oriented players especially in the junior girls category,junior boys category and even junior professionals category ,the Garrison Club management have worked forcefully to blossom talent in these categories and this endeavour has yielded commendable results.

As the team positions stand after the end of two rounds with final round to go on tomorrow, Sunday ,the Lahore Garrison Team stands at a gross team score of 2187 ,while the next best team DHA Golf Club Karachi is at a team score of 2405 and Peshawar Golf Club is at 2439.

In competitive terms this means that Garrison Team enjoys a superiority of 218 strokes over DHA,Karachi .Certainly the Garrison Team owes this exceptionally favorable position to diligent ,earnest and strenuous effort on the part of the club management.

They succeeded in hunting the talent and got the selected ones geared up to bring laurels for their club.

The two days of this championship belonged to Lahore Garrison Greens as their golf professionals ,Matloob Ahmed and M.Shahzad played marvelously well and completely out golfed their opponents from rival clubs.In the quest for top position ,the four amateur players of this club,Tariq Mehmood ,Nouman Ilyas ,Col(r)M.Shafi and Damil Ataullah were equally vibrant and lent strengthening support to their fellow team members of professional category.

As if this was not enough the team members Rustam Ali Chatta and Asif Mehdi belonging to senior amateur ranks did not lag behind and came out with incredible performances.

And admirable offerings of scores came from the efforts of junior girls,Hadiya Osama and Bushra Fatima and the two ladies Ghazala Yasmin and Suneya Osama.

For DHA Karachi only four players played champion like and these are M.Khalid ,Omer Khalid ,Maj M.Irfan Khan and Saad Habib .Other team members disappointed.As for Islamabad ,their golf professionals Mohammad Shabbir Iqbal and Hamza Amin came up with lustrous performances ,champion like.Equally creditable were the efforts of Taimoor Hassan ,the legendary one and Shumayl Aziz.Other team members played unreliably.

At the conclusion of Inter Club Golf Championship tomorrow, Sunday ,Lt Gen(r) Mian Muhammed Hilal Hussain, President, Pakistan Golf Federation, will award prizes to the winners.

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