National Ice Sports Championship kicks off in GB

National Ice Sports Championship kicks off in GB

ISLAMABAD, Jan 19 (APP): The six-day National Ice Sports Championship commenced in Naltar, Gilgit-Baltistan on Thursday with a colorful opening ceremony, attended by a huge number of sports lovers welcoming and celebrating the scenic snow-clad mountains event.

Talking to APP, an official of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) said the championship was being attended by huge crowds including locals, foreign and domestic tourists, and adventure seekers. The six-day event will conclude on January 24.

“The championship is a regular annual feature of the Winter Festival at Naltar, in which many teams are participating to entertain the people through healthy games. Locals also setup stalls of handicrafts, fruits, and foods during the event,” he added.

He said every year, the championship welcomes local and international tourists and provides them with a magnificent opportunity to gather refreshing memories.

The festival includes competitions of ice hockey, ice-skating, paragliding, indigenous games, and a freelancing seminar and talks on climate change, climate actions eco-system, biodiversity, and wildlife, he added.

He said the championship would greatly help in promoting and projecting winter tourism in the country.

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