Afia turned her dream of becoming an umpire into reality

LAHORE, Sep 02 (APP):Afia Amin is a living example of sheer hard work and commitment the way she turned her dream of becoming a female cricket umpire into reality in a year.

It all started fourteen years ago from an innocent inquiry. Taken aback by the notion of a man officiating a women’s match, Afia asked Adnan Rashid the reason behind him taking the role to which she was informed that it was due to the lack of female umpires in the circuit.

“It made me wonder why women cannot umpire matches when they can play?” recalled 37-year-old Afia, who now has more than 150 official matches under her bel.

“It was at that time I told my husband that next year I would be officiating women’s matches,” she said here on Monday while narrating the sage of taking up women cricket umpiring.

Afia had been into sports from her early days, playing baseball for her school and college teams. But, it was the unwillingness of her family that kept her from pursuing sports as a profession early in life.

“People from my family don’t venture into sports. I am the only person to have done this,” she said. “It is very difficult in our society for women to get into this field.