Second unit of Neelum-Jhelum project starts power generation


MIRPUR (AJK), June 20 (APP)::The second unit of AJK-based Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project has started generating power to its maximum capacity of 242.25 MW, which is now being transmitted to the National Grid.
As per contractual requirement, this unit will be initially on a three-day and thereafter on a 30-day reliability period and will continuously generate power to its maximum capacity for the system, the sources told APP here late Tuesday.
Earlier, this unit (Unit No 4) was put into operation during April, injected more than 1.3 million units of electricity during test run. However, during the tests of this unit, some minor technical issues relating to this unit were emerged, which have now been rectified by the contractor.
The first unit, which was put on a 30-day reliability period on May 18, has successfully completed the tests.
During this period, the unit continuously provided electricity to its maximum capacity i.e. 242.25 MW to the National Grid, injecting more than 200 million units of electricity to the system in its reliability period. Subsequent to the completion of reliability test, the first unit will now be shut down for making minor adjustments before taking over this unit by WAPDA.
The process, which is a contractual obligation, may take about 10 days to complete. Thereafter, the contribution of Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower (i.e. from both the first and the second units) to the National Grid will be doubled from 242.25 MW to 484.50 MW.
The project has a cumulative generation capacity of 969 MW through its four units, with each of them having 242.25 MW capacity.