‘Why Indian public is delusional on Pakistan’: former Indian diplomat

ISLAMABAD, Sept 22 (APP): A former Indian diplomat, M.K.
Bhadrakumar has criticized the Indian media as well as the
“bombastic” [Indian] leadership for misleading and making the Indian public “delusional” on Pakistan.

“While watching various Delhi TV channels tonight on
issues surrounding Sunday’s attack on Uri base, one gets the depressing feeling that we are being delusional.

“What is lacking is an ethical standard that the media
should not incite the public opinion by feeding it with such patent falsehoods.

“We are living in a fool’s paradise, being led up the
garden path by a bombastic leadership and led to believe falsely that the international community is rooting for India, that thanks to our prime minister’s vigorous efforts, the country’s prestige is soaring sky high, etc. and, therefore, Pakistan stands ‘isolated’,” M.K. Bhadrakumar remarked in his blog “Indian Punchline” posted on the website: “rediff.com”.

“In reality, though, the readout of the US State
Department on the meeting between Secretary of State John Kerry and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in New York on September 20 should come as an eye opener,” said Ambassador MK Bhadrakumar, who has served as a career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service for over 29 years, with postings including India’s ambassador to Uzbekistan (1995 1998) and to Turkey (1998 2001), said in his blog.

He said the readout was “a carefully worded document,
drafted with the full knowledge of the horrific attack that took place on Uri base over 36 hours ago on Sunday.”
“Nonetheless, such manifestly effusive sentiments and

fulsome praise for Pakistan have been attributed to Kerry.”
“See the expressions that have been used in the document
with great deliberation “strong, long term bilateral partnership”; “commended the Prime Minister”; “expressed appreciation for Pakistan’s cooperation”; “commending recent efforts by Pakistani security forces to counter extremist violence”; “praised Pakistan for hosting Afghan refugees for over 40 years”, et al.”

Most significantly, M.K. Bhadrakumar said, the reference
to J&K was framed as the shared opinion of Sharif and Kerry “The Prime Minister and Secretary Kerry expressed strong concern with recent violence in Kashmir particularly the army base attack and the need for all sides to reduce tensions.”

“What does the above single sentence imply in plain
language, shorn of diplomatic idiom? One, US is not willing to censure Pakistan; Two, US shares Pakistan’s “strong concern over recent violence in Kashmir”; Three, the Uri base attack is to be seen in the context of the 2 month old upheaval in Kashmir Valley; and, Four, US agrees with Pakistan on the need to reduce tensions (read on the imperative need of India Pakistan talks),” M.K. Bhadrakumar said.

“Now, unless we shake ourselves free of the myopic
vision regarding ourselves that has been systematically created by our ruling elites through the past 2 year period, ably assisted by the unscrupulous TV channels in Delhi day in and day out, we will come to grief, sooner rather than later.”

This is all nothing but Goebbelsian lies that we are
being fed. The result is that apparently almost two thirds Indians are reportedly clamouring for military action against Pakistan,” the former Indian diplomat added.

“The ruling elites know they are riding a tiger and if
they dismount at this juncture, the public opinion will devour them for not living up to the myths the credulous public has been led to believe all this while.”

“Alas, the Indian public does not know that the
realities of the security environment surrounding India today
are pretty grim and we desperately need an exit strategy,” M.K Bhadrakumar said.

“But then, our strategic choices are virtually nil today, thanks to the nuclear stalemate and Pakistan’s stockpile of tactical weapons that can neutralize us (on their territory) without even giving cause to provoke (or justify) a nuclear counter strike by us.

“These are theatre weapons which have limited and
focused usage in a specific area, but will annihilate the enemy in real time. Our public should realize that hot pursuit, etc. has become sheer figment of imagination good for only TV debates,” the former Indian diplomat remarked.

“Read an insightful perspective by the well known US
pundit George Perkovich on the strategic dilemma India faces today vis à vis Pakistan Perkovich candidly says that India has run out of options and has no way of addressing the challenge of terrorism on an enduring basis except by engaging the people of the Valley politically, and the alternative will be a seamless asymmetric war,” M.K Bhadrakumar mentioned.

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