PML-N being made target of revenge, hate: Saad

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LAHORE, July 02 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-N central
leader and Pakistan Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique
has said that the PML-N is being made target of hatred and
revenge continuously.
Addressing an Eid Milan party, organised by the PML-N
workers at a local hotel in NA-125 here on Sunday, he said
that the PML-N would not respond in inappropriate language
that its opponents were using.
“It is the right of every political workers to express
whatever he feels, but these words should not hurt their
opponents,” he added.
The minister said that hate and blame-games had been
abandoned after signing of the Charter of Democracy (CoD)
between Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Prime Minister Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif many years ago.
“Some political puppets were not happy with the CoD
at that time and they even criticised it,” he added.
He said that the CoD was one of the best documents
of the national history and the goal was achieved after
struggle of 60 years by political leadership of the
He was of the view that the CoD ensures supremacy
of the Constitution and it ensures working relationship
among national institutions within the ambit of the
The minister said that hate-lovers do not like the
CoD, as it was an agreement of peace and harmony.
“It is my responsibility to bring to light the
reality and no one can stop us from speaking the
truth,” he added.
Saad said that the PML-N was one of those parties
which struggled against dictatorship and for restoring
democracy in the country. “When we took charge of the
government in 2013, there was terrorism everywhere,
killings were continuing in Karachi, people of Balochistan
were being murdered, the country was facing severe energy
crisis, roads were broken across the country and economy
was in a shambles,” he said.
The minister said that the Constitution was not
fully functional and the institutions were not working
in unison. “Now when we are trying to streamline the
issues of the institutions, leg-pulling is going on
against us,” he complained.
Khawaja Saad said that the goal of this freedom had
been achieved after a long struggle and the PML-N would
not allow it to be reversed.
He said that in the local government elections,
people once again reposed their trust in the PML-N.
“What is the other method to adjudge the will or
trust of the people?” he questioned.
Criticising the electronic media, he said that
some channels did allocate most of the time of talk
shows to the parties which had less than thirty per
cent seats in the parliament and the PML-N was not
given proper time.
Saad said after failure of sit-ins and allegations
of rigging, the opponents used Panama Leaks issue
against the PML-N, which was not even acknowledged
by the Panama state itself.
He said that there were names of leaders of
several countries in the Panama Papers, but nothing
happened in those countries. Only one political party
was being targeted in Pakistan, he said adding that
in fact it was a conspiracy against Pakistan.
“Prosperity of Pakistan was perturbing its enemies,
but now no one can stop us from making progress after
initiation of the CPEC project,” he added.
Khawaja Saad Rafique said that India, Israel and
the enemies in the garb of friends, knew it well that
it would be impossible for any country to take away
their Raymonds (from here without the legal process)
if Pakistan gets financially strong. “No country will
be able to dictate us if we do not beg for financial
help from the world,” he added.
The minister said that Prime Minister Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif did not bow his head before anyone other
than Allah Almighty, and so he was being punished.
He said the world threatened nation that it would
have to face problems in case of nuclear tests, but
nothing happened and Pakistan is developing and
flourishing with more dignity.
“There were specific journalistic characters who
conduct talk shows after getting ‘dictation’ and use
inappropriate language against politicians,” he said
and asked “if this character assassination is
journalism or politics.”

Federal Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said that
voters could not be befooled as the love for
democracy had not diminished and decreased in people.
He said that Pakistan had not come into being
through any guerrilla war, adding that it was the
result of a democratic struggle, and it would
eventually weaken without democracy.
He said every time, martial-laws introduced fake
democracy, and the elected governments were removed,
adding that 8 to 9 prime ministers had been removed
forcibly so far.
He said that it was Nawaz Sharif who launched a
struggle for restoration of judiciary and decided to
wage a long march for the purpose, despite all odds.
The minister said at that time it was the stance
of Nawaz Sharif that the country would become a state
without a Constitution if the judiciary was not
“And when judges were restored, we immediately
returned to Lahore. Even Imran Khan wanted us to
continue our long march, but we did not put any other
demand,” he added.
He said that the PML-N was the party which was
never appreciated for its good work and endeavours.
He questioned intellectuals of the country
including politicians and journalists as to who
could compete with the PML-N as far as bringing
prosperity and progress to the country was
Saad said that martial-law of Musharraf was an
international conspiracy as the United States wanted
to invade Afghanistan and a government with two-thirds
majority was not allowed to complete its tenure.
He called for letting democracy to prevail, adding
that people could not be united through executive orders
and people’s trust in vote would shatter if political
parties were damaged.
“Then people will resort to violence and the
political leadership will not be able to do anything,”
he warned.
He said that reservations of the PML-N were not
listened and no action was taken when it complained
about the leaking of Hussain Nawaz’s picture.
“No one listens to us when foul langauge is
used against us,” he added.
He said national institutions should be given
respect, and at the same time the parliament should
also be held in esteem.
“We had also struggled for democracy, then why
should we not be given respect,” he questioned.
“Please, do not target us without extending
proofs,” he said.
The minister said there shoild not be popular
verdicts as these give temporary benefit, adding
that decisions should be based on justice.
He said that protection of democracy was a
responsibility of all four pillars of the state
and these should work within the ambit of the
The minister said that it was a dream of
elders that there would be the rule of Constitution
in the country, but it is still to be fully
He appealed to his opponents to wait for few
more months till the completion of the incumbent
government’s tenure as, he added, the PML-N would
not fall alone, but its leg-pullers would also go
along with it.
He questioned why Pakistan People’s Party
Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari was using language
being used by PTI Chairman Imran khan and his
partner Sheikh Rashid.
Saad said that the Jamaat-e-Islami Emir
Sirajul Haq was also using the same words which
were not conducive for national politics.
He advised Imran Khan to be aware of his two
leaders as they would leave him alone in troubles.
“We do not want Imran Khan to quit politics,” he
He said that PPP leaders Raza Rabbani, Khursheed
Shah, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Murad Shah and Naveed Qamar
are good politicians but, he added, there are few
others who do not follow ethics.
He said that upcoming 10 to 11 months are
important and wished that tenure of the PML-N government
is completed like the previous PPP government.
The minister said struggle for democracy was still
underway, adding that the PML-N would not let democracy
derail in the country.