PM for continued international assistance for flood victims

Islamabad: Ms. Samantha Power, Administrator of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) meets Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif along with a delegation. (9 September,2022)

ISLAMABAD, Sep 9 (APP): Administrator of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Samantha Power called on Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif here on Friday and discussed the issues pertaining to relief assistance in flood-hit areas of Pakistan.
Power is visiting Pakistan from 8-9 September to assess the scale of the flood-related disaster.

The Prime Minister thanked Power for the humanitarian relief assistance extended by the U.S. in the wake of floods. He said that her visit at this time, when Pakistan was battling the immediate effects of devastation by super floods was an expression of the U.S government’s solidarity with the people of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister apprised her of the scale of destruction Pakistan had suffered; death toll of more than 1300; over 33 million people displaced; four million acres of crops destroyed; 800,000 livestock perished, entire villages and livelihoods swept away and infrastructure losses. While the government was using all resources available for rescue and immediate relief operations, food insecurity and rehabilitation would be major challenges that would follow.

The Prime Minister stressed that owing to the sheer magnitude and intensity of the crisis, Pakistan was unable to meet the short-term or long-term challenges on its own. He emphasized that continued international support, solidarity, and assistance would be required and sought U.S support in mobilizing the international community.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Pakistan intended to pursue reconstruction in a climate-resilient manner. To achieve this end, Pakistan needed international expertise, technical assistance, funding and predictable climate financing. He said that climate change was a common challenge of humanity, highlighting the need for collective effort in this regard.

USAID Administrator, Samantha Power expressed her condolences for those who had lost loved ones in the flood victims. She informed the Prime Minister that USAID had enhanced the financial assistance by another $20 million, thus taking it to a total of $51 million. Samantha Power vowed that the U.S. Administration would remain engaged and continue to support Pakistan in these difficult circumstances.
The Prime Minister thanked the US government for an increase in funds for the flood victims.

He further said that after the rescue and relief phase will be over, the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructure presented a daunting challenge, for which Pakistan looks forward to international aid mobilization.