PM asks opponents to stop telling lies; not to hinder way of economic development

NAROWAL, Jan 12 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Thursday called upon his political opponents to stop telling lies on daily basis, and not to hinder the way of country’s economic development.
“Some politicians tell lies on daily basis. There is no break for them…, they hurl dirty accusations, which have no basis and truth. This nation is progressing. Don’t hinder the way of this development,” he said while speaking at the launching ceremony of PM’s National Health Programme here.
The prime minister said owing to his government’s prudent policies over the last three and half years, the backbone of terrorists had been broken, electricity loadshedding had been curtailed to a large extent and Pakistan had been put on the course of development.
With inflation on the downward trend, stock market included in the world’s best performing stock markets,
Pakistan’s economy was expected to grow at around 5.5 % during
this fiscal year (2016 17), he added.
The prime minister said Pakistan’s economic performance was also being recognized by the world.
“If you cannot assist us in this development, at least stop creating hurdles,” he remarked with reference to his political opponents.
He, however, added, “people have become much aware about national affairs; can judge the truth and lie; and cannot be deceived by telling lies.”
Nawaz Sharif said, when he took over in 2013, the country was facing various challenges such as severe electricity shortage and the menace of terrorism.
“In 2013, there were street protests due to 16 to 18 hours electricity loadshedding,” he said, adding, “the present government has checked this problem to a large extent over the last three years and was working to hard to completely eliminate loadshedding by 2018.”
Similarly, the prime minister said, the backbone of terrorists had been broken and the menace of terrorism had been checked.

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said he was very happy to visit Narowal this time around, as he had come for a noble cause of launching the National Health Programme for the under privileged segments of this area.
“I have long been wishing to do something for the poor segments of society, who cannot afford to get them treated even for minor ailments what to talk of major diseases like cancer, heart problems etc.,” he added.
The prime minister said 160,000 families of Narowal were being provided with NHP (National Health Programme) cards, which would help them getting free medical care in public and private hospitals.
“Poor people sell their properties for medical treatment; even have to borrow due to lack of required amounts; and cannot afford education of their children, who have to do petty jobs for their survival. These are injustices and inequalities of our society, which we have to address,” he
He said, “this country is like a family in which everyone should have equal rights. If there is any problem in a house, we have to address it”.
He thanked all those including his daughter Maryam Nawaz, Minister of State for Health Saira Afzal Tarar, Chief Minister Punjab and others for assisting him in the successful launching of the NHP in Narowal and other areas.
The prime minister said, under the national health programme the government would provide 250,000 per annum as medical cover for a poor family, adding, however, if the amount did not cater to the need, in case of major disease, more funds would be made available from Baitul Mall.

Prime Minister Sharif said his daughter Maryam Nawaz was
taking lot of interest in the NHP and had knowledge and statistics
about the beneficiaries of it.
Quoting Maryam Nawaz, the he said a 52 year
old man, who was working on a tea stall to feed his family and
suffered from the heart ailment – Angine Class-3 – , got
himself treated under the NHP Card, and recovered.
Similarly, he said, another poor person, Sharif Khan,
who was suffering from cancer and was disappointed due to lack
of money, was getting free treatment under the NHP Card in
Shifa International Hospital and was recovering.
“His NHP card has been extended to cover extra
expenditures required for the treatment,” he added.
The prime minister said thousands of people from across
the country were getting free medical treatment under this
“This Pakistan is our home. Everyone including me
are its member. We have to help each other,” he remarked.
Nawaz Sharif said this programme would be extended to
the whole of Pakistan.
He also advised the Minister of State
for Health and other concerned people to also visit the
hospital and even homes to meet the beneficiaries of this
He, on this occasion, also announced the
construction of a link road from Narowal to Badomali, to
connect Narowal with Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. The work on this
motorway would start very soon, he added.
The prime minister vowed to continue to serve the masses
and take Pakistan forward.