Pakistani start-up DeafTawk makes Youth CoLab Summit 2022 inclusive for global deaf community

ISLAMABAD, Jul 13 (APP): A Pakistani start-up called DeafTawk, through provision of sign language and live interpretation services, makes the Youth CoLab Summit 2022 inclusive for the global deaf community.

The presence of as many as 200,000 participants in the summit benefited 11,000 young social entrepreneurs and over 1,240 youth-led social enterprises, who helped address SDG challenges, increasing the event’s global reach and influence, a news release said here on Wednesday.

Several world leading organizations from all over the world joined the summit as they supported and explored new sustainable ideas and solutions.

Youth CoLab Summit 2022, one of the world’s biggest events, organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), CITI Foundation and Youth Colab, which took place in Singapore from July 4- 7, was made deaf inclusive for the global deaf community by DeafTawk.

DeafTawk’s co-founders Ali Shabbar and Wamiq Hassan were also invited to present the start-up on the prestigious global stage. Ali Shabbar, CEO DeafTawk, expressed his gratitude saying: “We are truly excited to make Youth CoLab Summit 2022 inclusive for the deaf community as well as inspire fellow and future entrepreneurs by setting an example of inclusive growth. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our story on this global stage and communicate with the global communities to create a strong impact worldwide.”

Youth CoLab Summit is among the pioneers of sustainable business, growth, and development. This platform provides young entrepreneurs from all over the world a chance to contribute toward sustainable development, raise awareness and train start-ups to follow SDGs and help them reduce their carbon footprint, alleviate poverty, and make the world more inclusive.

Youth CoLab Summit is a global event for young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be. It is an ideal platform to reach out to the deaf community across the globe who are eager to know about new start-ups growing around the world. The initiative will enable the deaf community to benefit from the four-day event by learning from entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas, start-ups that are growing at an impressive pace and companies which are providing them support to create a good environmental, economic and social impact all over the world.

DeafTawk won The Most Inclusive Solution and Youth CoLab 2019 Excellence Awards on this very platform in the year 2019. In a short span of time, DeafTawk has achieved many milestones and these awards are the jewels in their crown.

Launched in 2018, DeafTawk empowers the deaf community by bridging the communication gap between them and the rest of society through digital technology.
It has created an online solution for the connectivity of the deaf community with qualified sign language interpreters while also working on building the capacity of sign language interpreters for the provision of quality services.

The start-up is also an alumnus of the National Incubation Center in Islamabad and provides on-premises and content interpretation services as well. DeafTawk is now expanding its operations from Pakistan to South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and aims to bring its services to the global deaf community.

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