NSC communique buried Imran’s false narrative forever: Marriyum

NSC communiqué buried Imran’s false narrative forever: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD, Apr 23 (APP): Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb on Saturday said Imran Khan, who did not give any relief to the people of Pakistan, was destined to stage sit-ins for the rest of his life as his false and vicious narrative of a foreign conspiracy had been buried forever by the National Security Committee’s communiqué.

Addressing a press briefing in Islamabad, she said the threats and calls for protest and sit-in were the only things Imran knew. “He is nothing more than a compulsive liar, who tries to cover his corruption and incompetence with a tsunami of lies, one after another. This man destroyed the country’s economy, looted the people, snatched away their bread and butter for four years.”

After being rejected by the people of Pakistan, she said, he decided to spin a false narrative, dubbing everyone from his political opponents to the media of the country as traitors of the nation who colluded with the United States to oust his government.

“Imran claims that the conspiracy was hatched by Nawaz Sharif in the United Kingdom, while the US enacted that conspiracy to oust a prime minister in Pakistan.” This, she said, meant that Imran confessed that the “centre of Pakistani politics was, and is Nawaz Sharif, who was behind the success of the no-confidence vote that threw Imran out of power”.

She said,“This is the same Imran whose own speaker accepted this no-confidence motion. ” It was a gift to him (Imran) by the opposition, who himself sat on the so-called threat and conspiracy letter from March 8 till March 27; did not issue a response demarche despite the recommendation of the Pakistani ambassador; invited the same diplomat Donald Lu as a keynote speaker; invited the US Under Secretary to the OIC moot and held meetings on the sidelines; and when Imran saw that his party MNAs and his allies had deserted him, he all of a sudden came up with the conspiracy lie to once again, lie, deceive, demean, and misguide the people of Pakistan.

“But the recent communiqué of the National Security Committee has buried that treacherous lie forever. The ambassador at the time has categorically stated that there was not even a shadow of any conspiracy against Pakistan in that demarche or the diplomatic cable,” she stressed.

Responding to a question about putting members of the PTI’s former administration on the ECL, she said the PML-N was not like the vicious political victimizer like the PTI leaders, who used the Watch List, Stop List and the ECL for persecution of political opponents only. However, those who were involved in looting the nation; and those who sold government appointments, transfers and postings for hefty amounts would be put on the ECL and would be held accountable.

She said,”Imran Khan can cry, scream or pull his hair out, but the elections will only be held when the Election Commission will be ready after completing all the constitutional obligations.”

She said the fact that the President finally took oath from the cabinet ministers showed that he also believed the incumbent government to be legitimate and had rejected Imran’s narrative. The Punjab governor appointed by the PTI had suffered ailment and diarrhea seven times over the past seven days, and he was sitting on the summary that had to go to the Senate chairman. However, all the petty tactics were pointless and could only cause little to no nuisance for so long.

She questioned whether Imran was guilty of external interference into India’s internal affairs when he stated “if Modi wins, it will solve the Kashmir Issue”. Whether that statement which led to Imran trading-off Kashmir to India, and Modi’s election to power was Imran’s conspiracy?

Answering a question regarding Imran’s demand to fire the Chief Election Commissioner appointed by the PTI itself, she questioned why he (CEC) should he be fired. “Should he be fired because he investigated his (Imran’s) foreign funding case? Should he be fired because he found out that Imran did not declare campaign accounts and took money from foreign nationals; corruption money taken from fundraising for the Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Disaster Management in Pakistan? Should he resign because the case that Imran had ensured to be buried for eight years, is now going to be decided in 30 days?” she asked.

The Election Commission wrote more than 28 letters to the PTI government to complete the delimitation process, but received no response, she added.

Marriyum said, “The thief of Tosha Khana; the thief of foreign funding; the thief of public sugar, flour, medicine; electricity ; the person who destroyed the economy and with it every department and every sector of Pakistan all of a sudden has the audacity of telling the current government what to do.”

“When Imran was in government he was too high on power and watched the country burn, and these ideas that come after he had been ousted from power by the people of Pakistan, are only as good as slaps on his own face.”

The truth of Imran Khan, she added, was that he altered the rules of Tosha Khana to earn money from the market for himself. That was how low the man could stoop for his personal gains, she said.