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CHITRAL, June 17 (APP): Another girl from Kalash community
has converted to Islam on her own choice.

According to DPO Chitral, a student of 9th class Reena Bibi
daughter of Ghulam Muhammad Kalash, a resident of Aneesh, Bumborat Kalash valley converted to Islam.

Some local media persons from Kalash community had reported
that the girl was forcibly converted by Muslims.

Reena speaking at a press conference denied her forcible
conversion to Islam and said that she was very much impressed
by Islam. So, she said, she converted to Islam on her own choice
without pressure of any Muslim group or individual.

She also recorded her statement before Judicial Magistrate
Fazal Wadood Jan under Section 164 that she embraced Islam on her
own choice.

Responding to a question she said that she embraced Islam
because it is a religion of peace and love and she denied
propaganda against Muslim community.

During the press conference her father, uncle and aunt, and
elites of Muslim community and Kalash community were also present.
Both the Muslim and Kalash communities welcomed her
conversion to Islam. Reena has appealed to both the communities to
maintain peaceful environment in the valley.