ISLAMABAD, Jan 01 (APP):The Supreme Court on Tuesday was informed that Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has recovered Rs.167 million from Pakistani citizens holding undisclosed foreign bank accounts and properties abroad.

This was pointed out by chairman FBR Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan who was briefing
a three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar.
During the proceedings, the Chief Justice remarked that they were given the
impression by the authorities that Rs 3,000 billion will be recovered. He asked what
was the performance of the FBR?”
The FBR chairman, informed the bench that they have set up offices countrywide to
look into the case.
Justice Ijazul Ahsan asked that what happened of the 21 model cases that were
identified earlier.
The FBR chief said that Rs167 millions have been recovered so far, whereas notices
for the recovery of another Rs147 million have been sent.
He said Rs100 million were recovered from Agha Afzal, while Rs. 10 million had been
recovered from Imtiaz Afzal. Further investigation is underway, he added.
He further informed that there are 60 cases of foreign properties that are more
lucrative and hence, there is a chance of retrieving greater revenue from these cases.
These cases will be dealt with on priority basis, he added.
On bench query, FBR also informed the bench that Aleema Khan has not yet paid
taxes/fine Rs. 29.4 million, however she could pay it till January 13.
The Chief Justice observed that money should be recovered so country’s economy
could further improve.“We are entrusting FBR with the responsibility to bring wealth back
to the country,” Justice Nisar remarked.
Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), while submitting progress report,
said that it has identified another 96 individuals who have properties in the United Arab
According to the report, in all, 1,211 Pakistanis have properties in the UAE and out of
them 774 have submitted their affidavits, while 363 have been issued notices.
The FIA report further said that 60 people could not be identified, 57 are not cooperating
with the probe, and one is absconder.
Subsequently, the court directed FBR and the Federal Investigation Agency to submit
a detailed report on the matter by January 14, and adjourned further hearing of the case
till then.