PPP portraying itself to be a champion of democracy but passed maximum ordinances: Murad Saeed
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ISLAMABAD, Dec 16 (APP): Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed on Wednesday said that after Shahbaz Sharif’s Channy and Papar wala Asif Ali Zardari’s Samosay wala, Fazal ur Rehman’s Rauf Mama has surfaced.

In a tweet, he shared a detailed document regarding the properties and frontman of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman on social media networking site pertaining to the properties of frontman of Maulana Fazal Rehman.

He said that this was detail of his corruption, but most worrying news was Maulana’s involvement in the business of supply to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

“Followers of Mufti Mahmood Sahib’s chanted slogans “Go America Go” but you were their helper?” he said.

According to documents shared by the minister about the properties and frontmen of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman, included Delux Hotel consisting of 18 shops at Qatal Qissa Khawani in the names of Mohalia Fayaz Ali s/o Ghulam Ali, Zubair Ali Shahwani, Qatal Qissa Khwani Bazaar Peshaar, Owner, Fayaz Ali s/o Ghulam Ali Zubai Ali s/o Ghulam Ali, M/s Salman Flour and General Mills at Mauza Patwa in the names of Shamshad Gul d/o Muhammad, Babrak wedding Hall at Warsak Road, Residential House (4 Kanal 6 Marlas) at Tehkal in the name of Fayyaz Ali s/o Ghulam Ali, Sher Ali Payan, Fayaz s/o Ghulam Ali, Sher Ali s/o Ghulam Ali, Iqra d/o Ghulam Ali, 16 Kanal 8 Marla at Mauza Salarzai Warsak Road, Peshawar.

Maulana also owned Warid Franchise office near LRH Peshawar, 5 Marla House, at Sikandarpura Peshawar in the name of frontmen Fayyaz Ali s/o Ghulam Ali Sher Ali Zubair ALi sons of Ghulam Ali. Ahmad Shadi Hall, Qissa Khawani Bazar, Peshawar, own, commercial shop at Darazai Centre Fawara Chowk, Peshawar Cantt in the names of Ghulam Ali s/o Sabz Ali, Muhammad Ali s/o Sabz Al, Haji Lal Muhammad, Haji Lal Zaman.

Similarly 4000 kanal Shuhada Land was also allotted to Maualana Fazal Rehman, reportedly in year 2000.

In 2006, approx 4,000 kanal agriculture land in Rakh Zandani at DIK was allotted to frontmen of Maulana through political pressure. The land was allotted by senior member of Board of Revenue (SMBR) office Peshawar, who in 2007, took it back under political pressure NAB orders.

Sources revealed allotment of 1200 Kanals of above mentioned land to front men of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman.

Maulana Fazal ur Rehman also owned properties including 2 Houses and 1 plot in DIK, Commercial, industrial, reserve property non business worth Rs 4,7000,000, Reserve house at Abdul Khel, Saduzai worth Rs.1,500,000.

A Bungalow in F-8 Islamabad, 1 Flat in Dubai, Commercial, Industrial, Reserve property non business Abdul Khel, Paharpur, DIK worth Rs. 15,500,000, Reserve house at Shorkot DIK worth Rs 2,500,000, one House and 5 acres land at Paniala DIK, commercial, industrial, reserve property non business Shorkot DIK worth Rs 2,500,000, 5 Kanal plot at Shortkot DIK worth Rs, 700,000, 1 house/ Madrassa and 5 acres land in Shortkot.

Recently Maulana purchased land at Chak Shahzad Islamabad through Ghulam Ali ex senator and his son Fayaz Ali son in law of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman worth Rs 3 billion and sold it.

Gul Asghar Wazir and sons (frontmen of Maulana) were very poor family prior to becoming affiliated with Maulana Fazal. They acquired 3,777 kanal and six marla government land with influence of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman.

Moreover Maulana has 39 kanals and 15 marla land in Village Bhab, District Dera Isamil Khan (DIK), Muqeem Shah District DIK 31 Kanals and 15 Marlas, Ketch District DIK 220 Kanals and 4 Marlas, Sagu Janoobi, District DIK ` Kanals and 13 marlas, Rehman town district DIK, 1 kanal 12 marlas, Ratta Kulachi, DIK. village Bhap, DIK 145 kanal and 2 Marlas, Hindan DIK 164 kanals and 17 marlas, Chater DIK, 40 kanals and 4 marlas,

Muqeem Shah DIK 17 kanals, Hassam DIK 49 kanals and 12 marla, Yarik DIK 8 kanals and 11 marlas Ketch DIK 97 kanals and 19 marlas, Budh Sharki DIK 58 marlas, Mualah Esa DIK, 667 kanals and 5 marlas and Ratta Kulachi DIK 4 kanals and 4 marlas, Musa Khan ex DFO DIK, one house in DIK a car, 1 Plot 4 kanals in DIK city, 1 farm house and 2 Crush plants in Paharpur DIK Agri land.

Maulana has also have properties at Dhaki 47 kanals and 6 marlas, Mutwala Shah 112 kanals and 12 marlas, Teer Gar 5 kanals and 10 marlas, Rajan pur 27 kanals and total 192 kanals and 18 marals, Haji Jalal Khan Tehsil DIK 8 kanals and 2.5 marlas, Sago Janobi DIK 3 kanals and 8 marlas, Shorkot DIK 505 kanals and 3 marlas, Taken DIK, Jinda DIK, Kotla Rakh Gass DIK and total 714 kanals and 13 marlas.

Abdul Rauf Mama is a part of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman family maternal side.

He was bus conductor and after that he started partnership in contracts in MMA government and got contracts as per choice i.e DHQ renovation, Mufti Mehmood Hospital etc.