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ISLAMABAD, July 9 (APP): Minister for Finance, Revenue, Statistics  and Economic Affairs Division Muhammad Ishaq Dar on Saturday said eminent humanitarin Abdul Sattar Edhi was a noble personality and had no match in dispensing services in social sector.

Talking to PTV, Ishaq Dar spoke highly of the commitment and  dedication of Abdul Sattar Edhi in ameliorating the lot of deserving  people and said his services would be remembered for centuries.

“Edhi was a noble man. He had no match in serving the poor masses and it is hard to say that the country would produce another Abdul Sattar Edhi in near future,” he added.

He appreciated the decision of the Prime Minister to declare his funeral as state funeral and present him Guard of Honour.

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“He was a  great man and his legacy is a guiding spirit for us. Therefore, it is obligatory on every Pakistani to pray for the peace of departed soul.”

Answering a question, he said Abdul Sattar Edhi was used to
mobilize funds himself for his foundation and as far as the government  was concerned, the PML-N government had provided tax exemption for Edhi Foundation.

“It is our policy to facilitate welfare organizations whether
it is Edhi Foundation or Shaukat Khanam Hospital.”

He said the Edhi Foundation was also one of the beneficiaries when  the government cancelled hundreds of SROs and the SRO that exempted Edhi Foundation from taxes, would continue to exist.

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When asked about the sentiments of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the Finance Minister said he (the Premier) was grieved on his death.

He had  also asked him (Dar) to visit Sattar Edhi when he visited Karachi  after budget.

“It was an honour for me to represent the PM to enquire
about his health.

The affection, the Prime Minister has for Abdul Sattar Edhi, is beyond description. He has desired the nation to pray for
Mr Edhi.”