Diligence, dedication keys to success: President Alvi

ISLAMABAD, Apr 9 (APP):President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday said diligence and dedication were the keys to success for individuals as well as for the country’s development.

The president said this while interacting with a group of students from Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEIs), who along with their teachers called on him at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.

The group included top position holders of classes 5th and 8th, who got distinctions in scholarship examination held by FGEIs.
The first lady Samina Alvi was also present on the occasion.

The president congratulated students and advised them to continue working with same commitment and determination, which they had shown during recent scholarship exams. He expressed pleasure saying future generation of Pakistan was cognizant of prevailing challenges.

The president noted that a large number of children were yet out of schools, for which he stressed for collective endeavours.
It is prime responsibility of the state to increase students’ number in schools, he said adding that conducive studious environment of educational institutions could enhance students’ tendency towards schools. The president further urged to formulate an attractive system for this purpose.

He noted that majority of population couldn’t attend school or continue education because of financial crisis facing them. ‘Therefore, this is duty of all of us to think and work for deserving students’ he added.

Expounding role of education in social and economic progress of the country, the president stated, knowledge opened new avenues of development, which further established beneficial atmosphere in the society. Knowledge not only eases social matters, but also helps establish cordial relations with others, he said.

He further advised the students to adopt time management in their lives. Give suitable time to your studies and extracurricular activities including sports and leisure, he said. The president said being a bookie was not a good habit; there should be some relaxing time.

Cognizing the visiting students on global warming, a prevailing environmental issue, the president asked students to play their due role by tree plantation. Involving the students in discussion, he said tree was the only machine that naturally established balance in atmospheric gases, particularly oxygen and carbon dioxide gases.

The president said water shortage was another important issue to be countered by collaborative struggle. He advised everyone should use needful water to preserve it for others. Giving example of drip irrigation system, he said the method was developed to simultaneously saving water and time.

He reminded the students to remain respectful to their parents and elders who had brought them to that memorable day. ‘Parents at homes and teachers at schools train the children and shine their qualities’ he said while extending congratulation to teachers and parents.

Latter, to miscellaneous queries by the students during question-answer session, the president further advised them for doing regular physical and mental exercises.

‘To release the stress, do some mental and physical exercise regularly’ he said adding that in old times stressed was only fight-oriented or wild attacks- driven. Now, people sitting at home get tensed due to financial crisis and unavailability of facilities, he said.

The president informed the students he joined politics with empathetic approach. ‘I had sense/ feeling of helping others which guided me to come into politics’ he said adding if he would be a politician even if not be a doctor. He said his political motivation was inspired by the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) ideology of helping and assisting others. He further said becoming President of Pakistan was not is aim, but it was a part of destination.

He went on saying Islam had given protection to girls at homes, and due social ranks to women. He reiterated for providing equal opportunities of education to boys and girls, following the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Speaking on the occasion, First Lady Samina Alvi asked students to make at least one commitment of their own choice to live a good life. ‘Let’s promise today to always be truthful and to say words of kindness in our daily lives’ she said. The First Lady also encouraged them for consistent hard work in future to maintain their educational standard.

The President and the First Lady also distributed gifts among students and teachers.