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Climate change poses severe threats to Pakistan, Balochistan: Samina Zehri

QUETTA, Apr 26 (APP): To deal with the disasters of severe and unexpected climate change, the world must decide on a common and integrated plan of action. Climate change has had severe effects in Pakistan. These views were expressed by Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri in a statement on Friday.
She said that to avoid heavy rains and floods now we have to be serious and to avoid this natural calamity floods we have to put all kinds of political differences aside and make serious efforts to build dams so that our future generations could be protected from the effects of these disasters and due to the expected severe climate changes in the future.
In addition to the severe cold and hot seasons, the expected heavy rains and floods can be avoided, he said.
Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri said that climate change the major countries that caused these catastrophic changes should help the countries affected by these devastating changes, especially Pakistan in this difficult situation after the floods.
Due to climate change, this year, like last year, Pakistan is particularly affected by the recent unexpected heavy rains and flood situation in Pakistan, she said.
She said that the infrastructure of Balochistan province has been severely damaged, due to this situation, Balochistan was facing serious challenges of climate change.
She said that in the flood-affected areas, rehabilitation plans and future strategies may be focus on the consequences of climate change, potential losses should be minimized, and future plans should be made taking into account changing climatic conditions.

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