LAHORE, May 31 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar urged the masses
to change their lifestyle in order to save themselves from coronavirus.
In his message issued here on Sunday, he said the nation could
save itself from coronavirus by bringing changes in social demeanour.
Usman Buzdar advised the masses to cover their face and nose
while going out of their homes. He emphasized that by covering
face and nose, one could not only keep himself safe but can also
save families from this contagious disease.
“we are working on permanent basis so as to save the masses
from the hazards of coronavirus, he apprised. He underscored
that precaution was utmost essential for a healthy life. The CM
appealed to the masses to ensure adopting preventive measures
in order to save themselves from coronavirus. CM Usman Buzdar
exhorted that children and elders could be protected from contracting
coronavirus by wearing masks.