LONDON, Sep 03 (APP):Thousands of British Pakistani and Kashmiri community held a big demonstration
outside the United Kingdom Parliament here at Westminister on Tuesday, and strongly condemned the ongoing brutalities and gross human rights violations and atrocities against defenseless people of Indian occupied Kashmir and complete lockdown of the occupied valley.

The participants comprising Lords, members of parliament, Councillors and people belonging to different walks of life including men, women and children chanted anti-India, anti-Modi and pro-Kashmir freedom movement slogans.

They also called upon the international community, peace and democracy-loving nations including the United Kingdom to mount pressure on India to bring an end to atrocities and massive violations of human rights by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led fascist Indian government, against the defenseless people of Indian occupied Kashmir, who were struggling for freedom from Indian subjugation and their birthright to self determination granted to them by United Nations Security Council some 22 years ago.