Jewish-American leader slams India’s action in Kashmir, urges Trump to mediate dispute

NEW YORK, Sep 03 (APP):A prominent Jewish-American leader has criticized the Indian move to annex occupied Kashmir that heightened tensions between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, and urged US President Donald Trump to get both the countries to the table to address the decades-old Kashmir dispute “once and for all”.

“There are humanitarian, legal and security interests in such intervention,” Jack Rosen, who is the president of the American Jewish Congress, an influential lobbying group, wrote in an opinion piece in the conservative Washington Times published Tuesday.

“Given that India and Pakistan are both nuclear powers, escalation of tensions between the two countries is incredibly dangerous,” he said, while pointing out that the U.S. had forged trading and security alliances with both India and Pakistan over the decades, with each country having a large diaspora in this country.

“While nuanced diplomacy has ensured that the United States has not faced a zero-sum game between the two, it is time the United States use its moral and strategic leverage to get both sides to the table to address the issue of Kashmir once and for all,” Rosen said, noting that Trump had offered to personally mediate the Kashmir dispute in a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan last month.