BEIJING, Jan 29 (APP)::The Pakistan Embassy Beijing and its missions are working round the clock to facilitate Pakistani students and members of the community since the outbreak of novel coronavirus across China.

Pakistan Ambassador to China, Naghmana Alamgir Hashmi is personally supervising all the arrangements and the special cell set up to extend help to Pakistani students in Wuhan and other cities.

She is also in contact with the local Chinese authorities in Beijing as well as Wuhan to ensure the wellbeing of the Pakistani students and members of the community.

At least, two officers have been deployed to receive telephone calls at 8501322992 and 15652889195 while emails:,, are also available.

The embassy has issued expatriate registration form for the students in order to share with them its news, newsletters, announcements and press releases.

All the students and community members in Wuhan could also share their grievances on the hotline of Hubei Government in case of any difficulties.

Meanwhile, the Embassy has issued a new advisory and reminded the students and members of the community to undertake precautionary measures suggested by China National Health Commission to reduce the risks associated with the coronavirus infection and to ensure their personal health and well-being.

The students should avoid unnecessary visits to public places including shopping malls, railway stations and hospitals and in case of common cold or flu, stay at home and use domestic treatment instead of going to the hospital.

In case of serious doubts about viral infection, they should immediately take medical assistance from the nearest medical center and also inform the Embassy.

In case of any reports of viral infection in members of Pakistani community or students, they should cooperate with local health authorities and share immediately the complete information with Pakistan’s Embassy in Beijing.

They were also requested to extend complete cooperation to local authorities, avoid unnecessary social media hype and ignore unconfirmed news.

The Embassy would continue its outreach with community members and Pakistani students in China.