Grand reception held to mark 70th anniversary of establishment of Pak-China diplomatic ties

Grand reception held to mark 70th anniversary of establishment of Pak-China diplomatic ties
Grand reception held to mark 70th anniversary of establishment of Pak-China diplomatic ties

BEIJING, May 21 (APP): A grand reception was held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse here on Friday to mark the 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

Chinese Vice President, Wang Qishan, Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque, diplomatic envoys, high ranking Chinese officials, businessmen, intellectuals, representatives of media organisations and prominent citizens from both sides attended.

The event was jointly hosted by the Embassy of Pakistan in China and Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with the Foreign Countries (CPAFFC).

Addressing the distinguished gathering on the occasion, Vice-President paid glowing tribute to the succeeding generations and leadership of two countries for their sacrifices to deepen Pakistan-China friendship.

Reaffirming China’s strong commitment to strengthening strategic ties with Pakistan, the Vice-President said that Pakistan-China ties were driven by mutual respect, bilateral understanding and commonality of interest.

Vice-President Wang added that the two countries would continue deepening their friendship for the prosperity of their peoples and regional peace and stability.

He said, to carry our all-weather friendship forward and deepening our strategic cooperation in all fields served not only the shared interest of our two countries and the two people but also stability and common prosperity of the region at large.

The Chinese vice president said Pakistan was first country to acknowledge the new China and since then, both countries have been standing firmly side by side and supporting each other.

He said that China will forever remember the support from Pakistan at critical junctures. Likewise, at critical moments of Pakistan’s endeavor to safeguard its territorial integrity and national dignity, China has never hesitated to provide the strongest support, which suggests entering the new heights of relations, he added.

Wang Qishan remarked that the recent years have witnessed the fruitful outcomes of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), an initiative that brings tangible benefits to the people of both countries and added, a solid foundation has been laid for Pakistan to further unleash its development potential.

He hoped that the two countries will take the 70th anniversary as an opportunity to take the iron-clad friendship and relations to the new heights.

Thanking Vice-President Wang for his warm sentiments for Pakistan, Ambassador Moin-ul-Haq said that friendship between Pakistan and China was unprecedented in history of inter-state relations due to its scope and depth.

He added that 70th anniversary was an opportune moment for the two sides to take pride in their past achievements and reaffirm their resolve to expand bilateral friendship to new areas of cooperation.

Ambassador Moin said that the CPEC is the most prominent by virtue of its scope, and scale and as the flagship project of President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative, the CPEC has shown that international cooperation based on win win cooperation could bring about huge transformation in the destinies of our people.

He said that Pakistan stands committed to the CPEC and ready to take it to its new heights.
He said that this year also marks the century of the Communist Party of China, which has made immense sacrifices for Chinese people before China’s peaceful return to the center stage of global politics and economics.

He congratulated the government and the people of China on CPC centenary and for his very good contributions for strengthening of our bilateral friendship.

During the reception, Vice-President Wang and Ambassador of Pakistan also cut a special cake to celebrate the event.

The children of Pakistan and China, dressed in traditional dresses, sang national songs which were deeply appreciated by the audience.
The event was moderated by Lin Songtian, the President of CPAFFC.