ISLAMABAD July 01 (APP): All Pakistan Condensed Natural Gas
Association (APCNGA) on Saturday announced to slash down the prices
of Condensed Natural Gas (CNG) to Rs 2.50 per litter in Punjab and
Islamabad with the immediate effect.
Central Chairman APCNGA Abdul Ghyas Piracha in press release
issued here said CNG prices have been slashed by around Rs2.50 in
Punjab and Islamabad.
Meanwhile Paracha said that latest kits which are compatible
with EFI cars and public transport and light cylinders weighing up
to 20 kgs will hit the market very soon which would be a great
experience for motorists.
Giving background for reduction of prices of CNG he said the
prices of oil and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) have reduced in the
international market, therefore, the benefit is being on passed on
to the consumers of the environmentally friendly fuel.
Paracha said that the prices of CNG have been deregulated in
Punjab, therefore the price of the fuel may vary a little at
different filling stations but a similar price reduction will be
offered to the .
However, he said that the CNG operators will fix retail price
keeping in view the quality of gas, cost of generator, local taxes
and other expanses.
He said PSO is importing the LNG while additional expanses
like regasification, transportation by SSGC, transportation and
distribution by SNGPL etc. are added in it which is determined by
the OGRA while taking decision regarding pricing.
He said that prices of CNG continue to slide which is
resulting in popularity of the clean fuel; around one thousand CNG
stations have become operational in Punjab while the CNG outlets in
Islamabad and Rawalpindi are witnessing crowd of motorists.